My name is Mabel. In 2014, I was pregnant with twin girls after a few complications. Knowing that this would be the only pregnancy of my lifetime, I knew I had to cherish every moment from the very beginning. My girls are my inspiration to start my journey as a maternity and newborn photographer in September 2015. 


Maternity portraits to embrace our new roles in life. Newborn photography to capture their gorgeous little features, and teeny tiny fingers and toes, that we all know grow too fast. 


My girls are now 6 years old. While 2020 has undoubtedly been a challenging year for everyone, my most valuable gain was finally becoming the parent I've always wanted to be to them. The continuous spate of lockdowns and time at home also helped me discover a new purpose in my photography journey - the importance of family portraits. 


Growing up, and growing old together. These are the portraits I want to capture on top of maternity and newborn portraits. In the best and worst of times, we are always reminded of the love we have for one another.


Feel free to email me with any questions. While I can't accomodate every request, I love trying new things and working with clients to capture images that I'm proud of and they love enough to hang on walls for everyone to see! 



  • Master Photographers International - Gold Award For Child Portrait 

  • International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention For Fine Art-Portrait and People-Children

  • WPPI - Silver Awards for Child Portrait and Maternity Portrait

  • PPAC - 3rd Place For Child Portrait and 2nd Place For Maternity Portrait


  • Completed Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI) Accreditation Level

  • Assistant for Ana Group Workshop in Singapore and Indonesia


  • WPPI - Silver Distinction Award For Newborn Portrait and Silver Award for Maternity Portrait

  • Belly Baby and Beyond Conference training in USA

  • Qualified newborn photographer by Accredited Professional Newborn Photographer International (APNPI)

  • Assistant and workshop host for Ana Brandt Group Workshop in Malaysia and Thailand


  • WPPI - Silver Distinction Award For Newborn Portrait

  • Belly Baby and Beyond Conference training in USA

  • Ana Brandt Group Workshop in Taiwan


  • WPPI - Silver Distinction Award For Newborn Portrait

  • 1-1 training with international maternity and newborn photography instructor, Ana Brandt in USA

Awards & Nominations:
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